My Twitter is having an auto spambot which spam this message : Find out to see who's been stalking your Twitter! here


Find out to see who’s been stalking your Twitter! here
Example. Anyone know how to solve it?


mine too! i clicked the link and then my acct just automatically sends direct messages to my contacts! Help! I think my acct may be hacked!! HELP!


You’ll both want to work with @support to resolve this – we can’t help you here unfortunately.



i have problem from my direct message him spam message help me


I already changed my password so many times, and I don’t go to any apps but my spamming won’t stop. HEEELLLLLP.


Go and verify you don’t have permissions extended to apps you don’t trust regardless:


I have already tried contacting support but no reply, i have only one app permission which is twitter for android, and changed my password 4 to 6 times


Acho que você não esta sabendo quais os procedimentos. Deve se familiarizar com o seu painel e as configurações. O suporte é a coisa mais simples. Prencher com os dados. assunto, o texto descritivo sobre o problema.


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I’m having a problem with this on Youtube. Sometimes random spam will be posted on any video on the Youtube database and I haven’t posted it. I’ve changed my Yahoo, Gmail, Youtube, etc. passwords twice and it is still happening sometimes. Any way to make it stop on Youtube because it is getting irritating?


SELAMAT PAGI SEMUAA :slight_smile: