My twitter has been suspended


Twitter, my account (@andyroogarrett) has been suspended as of Friday night, with no given reason, but I assume it was because I had tweeted a friend talking about harassment and the police. I now realize I should not have been posting things like that online publicly, I have reviewed all the twitter rules and have filled out a ticket, responded to the email I got confirming I did not use any auto-follow bots and I read all the rules and have still not gotten any feedback from Twitter regarding my suspension, almost three days later. This is the only time I have been suspended because I was suspended the same day I created the account (I know, I’m new to this haha.) I had read there was a way to get off with a warning with the first suspension by confirming you hadn’t used follow bots and have read the rules now, by just checking a few boxes and continuing. This was not the case, I was not able to find this page. Please get back to me about the suspension as soon as possible. Thank you very much!