My twitter feed on my website is no longer working


I have been using the twitter feed for months without a single issue. I haven’t touched the frame since a week ago, but the feed stopped working a few days ago. I thought maybe there was a script error on twitter’s end, but it hasn’t been resolved. How can I fix this?


I’m having the exact same problem. I’ve had issues with the Twitter feed on my website before, but it usually resolves itself within a few hours. This has gone on for at least a couple of days. I see that Twitter has posted some stuff about some new “REST API v1.1” but of course never bothered to explain what any of that means. So I don’t know if that is related to this problem or not. Can someone respond to this issue in plain English, please?


Having same problem for a customer I do work for.
Page was last edited on 5/21. Curios about this API retirement and if there is new code that needs to be added to fix this.


Hi Elliott and Derek,

The old timelines were effected by the changes to the Twitter API. There’s an explanation and detail on how to work with our new timeline widget in [node:18458, title=“this thread”], which doesn’t mention the word “API” at all after the first paragraph :wink: