My twitter dev. account application is pending review since an year


I applied for a twitter developer account last year on March 30th last year (close to 12 months now) and it still shows as pending. Have already submitted all the information as requested, but the developer account stays at “Application under review”. Tbh, Twitter’s taking so long to approve this dev account that I forgot the app idea I had in mind when I raised the request. :no_mouth:

I am wondering how can my application be approved?
Screenshots below -


Hello - could you reply to the follow-up email again let me know once you do? I’ll be able to check if my team have your email.


Hi @Hamza , I just replied to that email with a link to this thread. Could you please check?


@Hamza @IgorBrigadir @Aurelia Hi guys! I really want to know if anything can be done/is being done regarding verifying this dev account. It has been showing pending for a year, not sure why.

The associated handle is @siwalikm. Please let me know what can be done regarding this to unblock as soon as possible. thanks.


Someone will reach out to you shortly, @siwalik.

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