My Twitter cards only work when I use a URL shortener and view the tweet on the Android Twitter app


When I tweet links from my blog using the or URL shortener, I can see the Twitter card if I view the tweet on the Android Twitter app. But, that’s the only way I can see them.

The cards don’t work when I tweet without a shortener. And, the shortened links don’t work on the Twitter iPad app or the browser version of Twitter. Is there anything I can do to fix this? My blog is at

Thanks :slight_smile:


Just did a quick test by tweeting a link to and it worked fine. Are you logged in? Cards are currently not visible for logged out users.


Hi Sylvain! Thanks for the quick response. Yes, I am logged in when I view the tweets. I just tweeted the same link (without using a URL shortener) and I can now see the card in Firefox, but not Chrome. So that’s progress, anyway :slight_smile: I’ll sit tight til it works everywhere, I understand that it’s quirky since it’s a new feature. Thanks again!