My twitter button stopped counting my tweets. Need help!


My twitter share button stopped counting my tweets 6 weeks ago and I have no idea why. I know there are tweets but it’s just not showing up on the count. It stays at zero. Please help!

Here’s a link to a page that has retweets:


I’m having the same issue with my website as well:

I tweeted it, and there are others as well. I couldn’t figure it out.

Please help, thanks.


Is anyone there? I can really use some help on this. thanks.



I am also having this issue.

Here is a sample page that is getting some tweets:

I tried using the TweetMeme counter, and it does show all the tweets. But I’d rather use the default twitter counter.


Thanks for the report, we’re looking into such incidents.


Here may be another ‘bug’?

All links are without www but the stored value in twitter has additional www prefixed.

it is stored with www prefix, this has the correct count!/search/realtime/

  • server allowed HEAD request

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