My Twitter Account was suspended with no explanation or warning?


On August the 25th, my Twitter account was suspended for no reason at all, with no warning or explanation. I filed a ticket as soon as possible and waited for a day until i assumed Twitter would un-suspend it as soon as they received my ticket. It’s been over a week now and i’m still waiting for a response. I’ve filed atleast 2-3 tickets and have tried to contact Twitter staff but still i haven’t heard anything at all. I talk to a lot of friends/family via Twitter and is by far my favourite way of social networking, I’ve given my telephone number & an email; but still nothing. I’ve even tried to check the status of my ticket but for some reason it wouldn’t work for my account and kept re-directing me to the Twitter homepage. I hope there are staff reading this and can re-solve my problem!
Thank you for your time!