My Twitter Account Insights via API



I’m trying to get my Twitter account Insights data with an API. Insights such as Post reach, Replies …etc. However, this whole thing has been a mess for me so far.

Can anybody explain these to me in plain English please ?

  • Can I read my twitter account insights data with an API using a normal twitter account ?
  • If yes, give me a proper documentation
  • If no, what kind of Twitter account should I have ?
  • What’s the proper procedure to grant a such account ?

Please provide me simple answers for these. Not links saying read this and that.

Tharindu Lakshitha


Generally those data insights are available as part of our Gnip product suite as seen at


Thanks for the answer! So, how to get started using that service ? It only contains Contact us button.

And is this a Paid service ?


The ‘Contact Us’ link on the site is currently the best way to get in touch with the sales team for enterprise access.

The enterprise Engagement API is a paid service which is used by many Twitter Data partners already, some of them are here: