My twitter account got hacked and hacker changed my associated email address thats linked to my account!


Twitter is doing a very bad job of getting people their acccounts back. Its clearly obvious that the hacker would change the email but yet twitter cant do anything because the email i associated with the account is not the one I sent the ticket from I can t do anything when my account is hacked and the email is changed because i have no control over it now. I filed a report of the twitter account @TheTeenChapter 4 weeks ago and im still waiting for an action to be made. I had 22,000 followers on my account but now the hacker got it down to 19,700. I’ve been loyal on twitter since 2010, never got suspensed i always followed the rules. Please get my @TheTeenChapter account back for me, the hacked changed my email address and password and now im stuck in a hole and i waited a month for twitter to take action and still nothing …


Have you gotten any feedback? I need to know who to contact!!! Same thing happened to me and I need help.


Hi Anil and all involved.
I have been on Twitter since 2007 and my account @Dragos was hacked on January 4th.
The hacker changed the emailaddress and the accountname several times, into mac.:zap: , @pasts, @pasts1234 , @illpranks and @cheaters.
All my information, the followers and proof that it is my account is still on the hacked account !
So just because I could not send any email from the address linked to the account nothing happened yet :((
I had a lot of contact by email with a few people from @support : Naier, Emma, @phillipunicorn and Artie(who helped me out on an other problem before this perfectly ! )
So after having sent all kind of proof ( just after I got hacked I was still in the Twitter app on my Ipad and could still change the background image On which I put an image that The account was hacked) still nothing happened until now !
I twitter a lot an I am really hoping that support will do something finally.
Especially when you are with Twitter from when it all started and you have your own unique username @support should take care of the people that promoted and saw a big future for Twitter just after it took wings !

It is not fair to leave me hanging on the line.
So @support, please help me out here and get my 19k tweets, my pictures DM’s, but most of all, my ONLINE IDENTITY back!

I never got suspended and I always followed the rules !
Thank you in advance,

Dragos Bergkotte