My twitter account following a user when they enter form data on my website


Hey all,

I’m making a website for high school that integrates Twitter and I have a question about its development. We have about 20 unique, private Twitter accounts that are associated with this project and when a user comes to our site and fills out a form successfully, one of our twitter accounts (depending on what the user entered in the form) will begin to follow the user.

I assume I use this functionality: “POST friendships/create” but I’m having trouble with the idea because it seems like I might have to create a separate, unique app for each Twitter account I have. and that seems unnecessary. Is there something I’m missing here? Again, all I want to do is create a form where the user enters their twitter name, selects one of our twitter accounts, and whichever account they selected, we follow them. And there are about 20 accounts in total.