My tweets aren't going through


My tweets are not getting through. I am able to send them, but no one is receiving them. They are not showing up anywhere to anyone. I know there are spamming restrictions against recurring tweets, but I’ve worded each tweet differently. Also, my goal is to spread awareness about a petition, so that I can connect with people who share my interests and concerns. That’s why I’ve sent out multiple tweets several times from my computer. And the funny thing is, It says my tweet have been sent! But I just found out they are not showing up anywhere!

In the last couple days, I’ve spent long hours tweeting to as many people as possible under specific hashtag groups. I hope there’s a way to get those hundreds of tweets out to people. Is there a way? And can you help?


They are showing on your twitter account, so I’d say they been delivered. Whether the recipient responds is another matter…