My tweets and my followings are dissapeared!


Hi everyone.

Actually, last night, suddenly my twitter followings and my tweets dissapeared. I wrote to you, but you didn’t turn me back.

It was like this;

Last night, when i’m on Twitter, while i was reading my tweets, suddenly my tweets started to dissapear. Then i saw that my following list had gone. It was about 601 following and then, i saw just 2 accounts called: AKP, and AKP Genclik Kollari, i started to follow. But that was not my choise and i had never followed them before. Then, today, i saw that my past tweets not loading anymore. Still it’s going on. I can’t loading my tweets. Also, today, i started to follow again my friends, but they can’t see this.

By the way, i heard that there is a recovery system about this problem. Could you please inform me? I want my account back to 15th April.

Please inform me and write me back. I had 1,960 followers and want my account clearly back!

Waiting your reply quickly.





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