My Tweet ID goes odd!



I want to know the specification how twitter asigns an ID to every tweets.

I CAN get my tweet by rest API statuses/home_timeline, whose id is 896020509619404800 and status is “ugokanai…” .
But I CANNOT get it by statuses/show/:id though I specify the same id .
I try
and .
User authentication is done in all rquests .
Both requests result in responses of status “Rt @AmazingGrace: Every day …”. Not my tweet while its id is equall to my tweet 896020509619404800.

And more interesting, the latter tweet’s value of “id_str” is 896020509619404802 ! id differs from id_str .

My questions:
How do I get my real tweet by statuses/show/:id ?
Which id is real ? - Does some Twitter database have/return wrong ids or id_strs?


I suspect you are using Javascript? Always use id_str


Thank you for your reply .

Yes I use javascript and I got it id number is too large for js .
id_str is the real id of my tweet .