My site validates.... just got email saying it doesn't


My sites card pages validate:
They work with your checker too.
Yet, I just got an email after a month of waiting saying they do not validate.

When I try and reapply again, the field to fill in Website Twitter Username is greyed out. And when I try and submit the form it says “Website Twitter Username” is required. Bout ready to team my hair out over here on that one. :confused:


I have exactly the same problem with my blog - - I have to say that the email and support so far particularly unhelpful!

Let me know if you hear back or discover a fix…


I got a totally cryptic response from their support team… it made no sense to me at all. :confused:

There are two issues.

  1. My site validates fine but they sent a notice saying it does not. According to their own documentain and their own tool it validates fine. This is a twitter bug.

  2. In the form to request that they look at it again the “Website Twitter Username” field in the form is BROKEN. It’s always grayed out… and since it’s grayed out, there’s no way to type anything there… and since there’s no way to type something there, I can never submit. :confused:

Really, really, frustrating.


I wonder there is no way to solve it …


Still having issues. This time I keep getting the “not valid type” error. This is a sample image:


Apologies for the delay. Aside from an intermittent image issue (which we’re working on) I see it in the validator.

Feel free to tweet out the URL and see if it shows. It should, and if it does, you’re good to go.


Thanks for response. I tested and submitted today. I think the problem is actually with the size of the image (I think that’s what’s going on).
Smaller images seem to work fine. Larger images seem to fail every time. We can send smaller version and are working on this on our end, but it would be nice to tell us why it fails (image too large, instead of saying problems fetching image).