My site allows users to post bulletins similar to status updates, what api would be appropriate to allow people to automatically publish their tweets to my site


On my site a user can post a “bulletin” much similar to twitters status update functionality, I would like to allow users to automatically after authorizing twitter of course to publish their tweets to my site in the bulletin manner.

Is this possible, and if so can you point me in the direction of some examples or what section is appropriate.


At a very high level, you’ll need to use either the REST API to get a list of the user’s tweets: or, if you have a lot of users, the Site Streams API to get messages from your users pushed to your server:

But beyond that, it’s very difficult to give you more detailed information without knowing what platform your site is built on. There may be libraries or plugins which will help you out.


Sorry, same person… different twitter account.
Basically, right now I have it where people can post bulletins, it will update their twitter.
I want to be able so if someone updates their twitter, it updates their “bulletin” on my site.

I will read what you posted :slight_smile: