My server can't read redirect.php


Hello Everybody.

I am amateur web programmer. I have a problem about Twitter.

my goal is to post my webpage with twitter sign in. and Now i am trying to oauth on twitter on my webpage.

i downloaded php oauth files from and then uploaded my server with FTP Program.

twitter app settings is completed.

I edited the file config.php with my consumer key, consumer secret and callbackURL,

and then operate connect.php file.

i could see the picture written [sign in twitter]. and then click the picture.

if i click the picture, browser shows redirect.php normally. but the browser says there is no redirect.php…

i tried to execute this way. but can’t see redirect.php page.

and then i tried to the other server. uploaded oauth files and then edited apps setting and then tried to execute this files, this case browser shows redirect.php to me.

the case can’t show redirect.php is that occured error in this part

$request_token = $connection->getRequestToken(OAUTH_CALLBACK);

Please help me. ^^