My Rate limit has been exceeded for months now! please help me


i posted about this issue september, unfortunately with no response.

I get this error:
{“request”:"/1/statuses/user_timeline.json/?screen_name=iamthefrederik&count=2&include_rts=1&include_entities=1",“error”:“Rate limit exceeded. Clients may not make more than 150 requests per hour.”}

I am definitively not making 150 requests an hour - i might have done once when testing, but thats months ago.
No one else uses the domain to make twitter requests.

I’ve made a script that only caches new tweets, if current cached tweets is over 1 minute old (script works, i have testet thoroughly). That gives me MAX 60 request an hour, and should not exceed the 150/hour limit.

here is the tweet grab from my site that doesn’t work: (
here is an exact copy, but on another domain that works: (

The site launches end january, so i would really appreciate if someone from twitter could look into my problem this time!

if it’s not obvious, i’m not making requests to my own account (@borglind) but at a clients (@iamthefrederik)…