My own short urls with 301 redirect to the long urls are not tweeted with card summary


Hello dear Twitter team!

I have an issue,which i couldn’t resolve myself, though i did my best.

Our web page had a long url and when i implemented summary card markup it worked perfectly. But then the team took a decision on shortening the urls in tweets for a more friendly promotion. And as a result the cards stopped working. What i did is :

  1. I asked the developers to open the robots.txt for all robots
  2. And tuned the 301 redirects from short urls

Right now twitter card validator shows that everything is ok, but no card is shared after pressing “Click to tweet”

The shorted version of the url: (it is shared after pressing on “click to tweet”)

and short url redirects on the long url

An example of the long URL :

So, if u try to share it, u will see no result of twitter summary card.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions how to solve this issue. Thank you for your help in advance.


If I visit the shortened URL, I’m taken to a page that does not have Twitter card meta tags in the source. Therefore, neither the shortened URL or the resolved URL will show a card when tweeting. The second example you provided does work (does its shortened equivalent?). I do see a pattern though. It looks like you’re only adding tags to pages in English.


Jon, I apologize for providing wrong short url. Yep, you are right, i have implemented cards only for English news to test them. The shortened equivalent is