My new twitter app is being create it but I can't find it


I created an app on and want to start interacting with it. I can’t appear to find it on twitter though. The app is called closirbot


I don’t understand what you are asking. When you create an app on it will provide you with the interface to get the OAuth consumer key and token for the app so that you can build something for yourself. Is that what you wanted to do?


I quite don’t understand your question here but I can try to help you :slight_smile:

When you register an app on, what you actually do is to register an application in order to get access to API. You can then interact with the Twitter API through the credential you have when you click on your application under the tabs Key and Access Token.

You must provide the API Key and API Secret in order to configure access to Twitter.

You can find all details about how to use the API here and here depends on your need.

Your app will be visible by user when they login through your app in order to authorize access to their account.

I hope the response helped you :slight_smile: Let us know if you need more details about how to implement twitter inside your app, it will be a pleasure to help you through the process ^^


Thanks. The question is about not being able to find the created app on twitter. I created the app with the name ClosirBot. I am expecting to find it on twitter with that handle to tweet to it and send it DM etc.


Isn’t the app supposed to have a handle that I can find and interact with?


No, that’s not how it works. Accounts are created separately. That app is associated with your account. Creating an app does not create a new account.