My MoPub account is suspend,PLZ help me


4 days ago,MoPub policy team suspend my account for the reason of my apps violate COPPA policy. I want to remove these apps immediately as they said ,but the problem is I can’t login my account to do that.
I already reply 3-4 emails to the policy team to tell them what’s my situation,but the answer almost same---------remove that things!!!
But I can’t remove those apps with out login.Could you help me ,how can I remove that apps without login. Or if you has some suggestions ,please tell me.
Thank you very much.


Hi @BigFudge101,

Thanks for reaching out about this and apologies for any frustration or confusion!

It sounds like the MoPub Policy Team suspended your Marketplace approval, but your account is still active. Therefore, they are asking you to make the appropriate updates to your account for Marketplace re-approval.

If you are having trouble logging into your account, please reach out to with the email address associated with your account, a description of the problem and screenshots that show the problem you are experiencing.

If you have questions about being re-approved for Marketplace, please reach out to the MoPub Policy Team directly at