My mobile number is associated with another account?


hey there,

today i wanted to create a twitter app and came across the new policy which twitter enforced to reduce abuse. So each user who wants to create an app needs to have a phone number associated with their account. My problem, i just have one mobile phone number and one twitter account and when i put this phone number in my settings: i get an:

The phone number you’re trying to use is already associated with another Twitter account.
To add your phone, please remove it from any other accounts

So how can i find out where my phone number is used ?


My issue is slightly different: I have two completely different accounts about completely different topics. AFAIK, that’s allowed under Twitter’s rules. I should be able to create an app in each account using the same phone number. There’s no reason to allow people to create Twitter accounts for different purposes but only allow one account to have a phone number. Whoever Twitter is trying to frustrate with this new rule will be able to go out and get temporary phone numbers, while those who simply want different apps in their unrelated accounts won’t be able to do it.



I requested a new passwort via phone , but i never received it, so my phone number must be used from somebody else ?. Is there a way to contact twitter support via email ?



I’m having exactly the same issue. Did you ever get any clarification on this?


No clarification on this issue,i bought a new SIM card :smile:


I’ve run into the same problem: I have my phone connected to my personal accont, which I have been using to develop some apps, but I now figured it was more appropriate to create a company account and use that.

But I only have one phone number, and was not allowed to use that for the company account — and therefore I won’t be able to create apps for that account.

What puzzles me is that I found this article, where, at the bottom, Twitter says we should be allowed to use the same phone number for up to 10 accounts.

Now, this would be brilliant, and solve everything — however it does not seem to be the current reality.

So, am now wondering if it’s a bug or a feature …