My log is saying ERROR: Required meta tag missing (twitter:description) WARN: Not whitelisted


Even though there is a post that says “Automatic Cards Whitelisting” my summary card keeps getting a warning and error saying : ERROR: Required meta tag missing (twitter:description)
WARN: Not whitelisted

But the card does show in the validator, but I keep getting this error message. When I post to twitter the card does not show. Please advise.



Hi anyone there in this community?


Are you able to share an example URL? Have you included the twitter:description tag?


I’m not sure exactly what the twitter description tag is.

I’m new to this, If you could tell me where to manually apply the code if needed on my host that would be great.
My url is:

I’m thinking all summary cards are whitelisted so it should be ready to go.


Looking at the link you’ve shared, I cannot see any of the tags you’d need in your page to enable cards. Maybe you removed some of them? You said it worked in the preview before, but right now that link isn’t showing a Card.

If you take a look at the documentation, there’s guidance there on what tags you need to add to enable cards.


Thanks. As I said in the previous post, I’m still kind of new to this and not sure exactly what the twitter description tag is. Could you be a little more detailed and most of all “where” to apply it?

I have been reading the documentation for a few weeks now and still not able to figure it out. It was working at first because I was using a plugin for wordpress, but the plugins for twitter kept throwing off my other plugins. So I guess I’ll have to do this manually. Perhaps you could tell me exactly how to do this?



In your site you’ll have some tags in the <head> section.

You need to add the appropriate <meta name="twitter:card" ... (and other) tags in that <head> section. You can find examples in the “Sample Code” section for each card type.

Since you’re using Wordpress, this actually isn’t going to be easy, as every post will need a different set of tag content, and Wordpress is a dynamic PHP application. We worked with the guys over at Wordpress to create our own official Wordpress plugin. Maybe you could take a look at that?


Thank you Andy! The plugin is the first plugin that actually works for my site! Only thing I am wondering, what is the easiest way to have the “large” summary photo added to this plugin?