My latest tweets do not show up on my twitter profile/page. Help!


I can use twitter normally. I can see my followers and the ones I’m following. When I tweet, I can see the update on my timeline but not on my profile/page. I tried using another browser, and I also tried using my mobile and other gadgets but it’s all the same, the new tweets won’t show up. Please do help. Thank you.


This is rather weird. I’ve looked at this issue a bit after one of my followers was talking about it. This appears to be web isolated, or at least user stream is not affected. Calls to the resources:


are not properly returning tweet results in some cases. I’ve looked at the poster’s timeline and it does appear this is the case. However my timeline seems to be fine. So the possibility I see is:

  • There’s some cache issue at play here
  • Invalid query terms
  • New versus stale code

Anyways, that’s the story.


I am having the same issue!!! I am SO SO SO frustrated by this!!! Cannot find a solution anywhere… It’s my browser and mobile app too! Please, anyone, help!


I have same problem.
And I was posted at discussions/25917 .

I wish to solve this problem X(


And also I have same problem too. My App sends tweet succesfully but they are not showing up on my profile page but i can see them on my homepage (not profile page).


So it’s not just me. All the other profiles I checked were working normally. For a moment I thought things went back to normal, but the situation apparently hasn’t changed. It doesn’t matter which browser, client, app, device or network (DSL/3G) I use, the tweet list in my profile just won’t update.

However, the picture list does.
I also requested my archive. It’s all there.


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Also my latest tweets do not show up on my twitter profile/page. Help!

With me this happened a few days ago. It happened just after I disconnected Facebook from Twitter.
Is this a problem then ??
Plse investigate. Thank you.


this problem started with me after I disconnected Facebook from Twitter

I solved the problem this way :

  1. Change password Twitter (that alone was not enough to solve the problem - I tested it)
    (alone disconnect Facebook from Twitter also didn’t solve the problem - I tested it)

  2. Connect facebook again (I first had some connection problems there with Twitter, logoff/logon in Twitter,
    then I could connect facebook with twitter again) -> OK, problem solved

  3. Disconnect facebook again -> OK, problem stays solved …


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