My last question is NOT solved and i cant answer or reopen it


I cant answer to the topic and this is not solved.

I understand pretty well the rules. Do you?

“automated” = hootsuite violates the rules
“reaching treding topic” = users willing of talk about hashtags violates the rules

So twitter violates the rules, hootsuite violates the rules and all users violates the rules = rules are arbitrary and an excuse to discriminate developers. If you are hootsuite, you can do it but if you are not hootsuite then you are not able to do it. Its doenst make any sense.

Whats the difference? Do i need to PAY to be able to do it? Im open to do it. Its a marketing campaing.


We’re unable to comment on individual applications and services via these community forums, so there is no point in calling out examples like this.

In your previous post, you asked:

  • “if i can create a bot to programatically incitates to reach trending topic” - NO, this explicitly and clearly against the automation rules, and these are part of the developer agreement. If you do so, your application and your developer account are liable to be suspended.

  • “how many tweets like that i should be able to send from my same ip?” - a Twitter account can post up to 2400 Tweets per day, regardless of IP, according to the account limits. There are tools in place to prevent applications from creating large numbers of spammy automated Tweets, posting similar content across multiple accounts is prohibited, and our automated systems may restrict accounts and applications that are detected as engaging in this behaviour.

For example, applications that coordinate activity across multiple accounts to simultaneously post Tweets with a specific hashtag (e.g. in an attempt to cause that topic to trend) are prohibited.

We’re not going to engage in further debate on this topic as the rules are extremely clear and we are not able to discuss specifics of internal algorithms.

As a reminder, please also review the community guidelines to better understand the tone of conversation that is acceptable on our developer forums. Thank you.


@andypiper so - does that mean that if I have a bot that is posting about the position of the hubble telescope and this bot uses the #telescope hashtag, and nasa launch a new lens for the scope, and tweets about it using the same #telescope hashtag, and this starts to trend, then does that mean the hubble bot can’t tweet about hubble because #telescope is trending(thanks to Nasa)? Does that mean that I have to sanitize my bot output before posting to ensure that it’s not trending?


Hey @computa_mike,

Sending any volume of Tweets with the intent to inflate, etc. a hashtag is not ok. I strongly recommend that you don’t include the #telescope hashtag with every Tweet that goes out with this bot, as it will be recognized by our systems as spam.