My IP was blacklisted, and I have diagnosed it and fixed my script


I found out a Twitter bot I wrote for my school project was blacklisted. I wrote this bot to monitor my own twitter activity. If I tweeted more than 5 times on my main account, the bot would tweet back to me one time, reminding me to monitor my time on twitter. The only person the bot was following was me. The problem was, the bot replied to every newTweet, and that included its own tweets. So essentially, if it sends out one tweet, it will infinitely reply to itself until the script is stopped. I have fixed the problem, by adding a != in my javascript program that prohibits it from replying to itself.

I’m following the steps I found here, that’s why I posted this here:

I believe the bot from my IP should no longer be posting unnecessary tweets, and that it will be now kept to moderation. I apologize for any service disruption this may have caused. I hope my IP can once again be reinstated, so I can work on this project from home, rather than having to some other place with a different IP to work on it.

Here is the IP in question:


You’ll need to use the Platform Support forms to raise a ticket. Thanks.

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