My IP is banned


I have a php script that connect to my twitter, but now it doesn’t work because it isn’t able to connect to twitter’s servers. My ip is:


What response code are you getting?


The code is 0


did you update your library for api 1.1


yes! the staff of my hosting confirm me that the ip is blocking by twitter


which library you using I wouldn’t imagine the ip has been blocked unless your a spam king or disrespected the tos at some point in a big way. Are you using shared hosting ? which api call are you testing with.


If you can shell into the machine do this:

telnet 80

If you are blocked, it’ll return to the command prompt quickly. If it gives you a flashing cursor type get. If you get back HTML the problem isn’t a block, it’s something else.


I can’t shell into the machines. It is a vps


Shared hosting


have you checked curl is installed and ssl. the code 0 you get means you script isn’t reaching the server.

Ask for a new ip if your are sure your blocked but I am sure it’s something simple.


Yes, all is working well, the problem is the ip


ok well just get a new ip problem solved then or better still test off another ip first.

link for more on code zero meaning