My intent's 'tweet' event is misfiring



The tweet event is supposed to fire when user clicks the tweet button, but it fired even when the dialog/popup just appears… how come… is it me doing wrong or there is issue with widget.js

I have pasted the link to my codepen with my code

Link to my codepen; please have a look

please help


This is the expected behaviour since November 20. There are several other threads discussing why the change was made here on the forums.


Its may not be a big problem to me as my application is in development phase; but how about the site that are live and using the feature??

is not this an irresponsible behavior of twitter developers?? #just



I think the post explains it about as well as can be: The web browser and operating system environments that now dominate the web no longer support our event model in a reliable or predictable way, so we had to change it to provide a stable API. Of course there was a choice: What we did simplifies the events and kept existing applications wired up, which we hope works for most use cases. The alternative was to remove the events altogether, which would have broken every application. We took the choice to avoid the latter scenario, which I think was a responsible course of action.

I do appreciate that most isn’t all, and that’s frustrating for some apps, but I’m afraid the world changed around us. It wasn’t viable to maintain the old feature in modern environments.


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