My embedded timeline is showing tweets older than 1 week. how?



On one of our websites over here, we have a timeline widget which doesn’t seem to be bound by the “no tweets older than 7 days” rule. It’s here, lower right hand side:

Here’s a screenshot, taken today, 7/18/16. The first tweet displayed is from 7/6, and the one before that from 6/30. If you keep scrolling, you get the “load more tweets” button, and it looks like you can go arbitrarily far back in time.

I generated this using the widget generator some time ago. I went back to make another one today, and the new one is bound by the 7 day rule. Just to test, I generated another widget for the same hashtag, #la500—that one also wouldn’t show any new tweets. I diffed it against the code for the one that works, and the only difference (aside from a stray space) is the data-widget-id attribute:

So… What’s the difference between these two widgets? (And how can I make them all search older content, like the first one? I want to know almost as badly as my boss…)