My developer account under review for months


Hi, I am scholar in computational social science. My whole research depends on Twitter data. I applied for a developer account in December 2018. I received an email from the team asking me further information. I gave them all information asked from me, but my request has not been answered yet. I do not know if there is another step that I should follow. Please inform me. Thanks for your interest.


Your application automatically closed a few weeks after we sent an email to you requesting more information about your use case. Please double check the email inbox that you had associated with your @handle when you applied for an email with the following from address:

Once you’ve found this email, please respond to it, making sure to pay close attention to each of its resources and questions.


Thank you for your interest,

I understand that my application has been closed because I was late in responding to the email you sent me. I was late to make sure of the phases of my project. I’m sorry to keep you busy. I want to ask you one last question. Will I be able to apply again? Because it is still being said “your application is under review” and therefore I can not make a new application. If it is possible, please, give me one more chance. Best wishes.


You can re-open your case just by responding to the email. There currently isn’t a way to edit a rejected application, or to re-apply, however stay informed for product updates/changes.

Hope this helps!



Oh, I see but I responded the email. I think twitter staf might missed my reply. Ok.


Thanks for the follow up here, I’d recommend replying again here, and if you don’t hear anything further in the upcoming days let us know here.


Tahnk you.


Hi Jessica,

I am sorry for disturbing you again. As you advised, I tried to get help by replying to the mail send by Twitter developer staff but I got the answer below. Since my application was closed automatically, my case was also closed and my mails do not reach the staff. Therefore, I can not find a solution to change my application status. (There is no option in the help center content about developer problems). Can you offer me another solution to reach the developer staff to change my application status?


You tried to update a case that has been closed. Please submit a new case at You can also visit our help center at for self-help solutions to common problems.

Thank you!

Twitter Support


Hi Mehmet - I’m sorry for the inconvenience. I’ve submitted an escalation to have your application reopened. Someone will reach out to you in the coming days.


Thank you so much for your understanding and assistance.


My friend too faced the same issue with his business id of water damage restoration and got a reply after a long wait, i think you too need to wait, or just try requesting them again!


Thank you Jones,