My desktop application do not have a url.Will it work?.Help me out


I am developing a desktop application but i dont hav a URL to provide to the user as it is my personal application.
I have set the CALL back URl with oob parameter.
I am using twitter4j library files for coding.
Help me out.

Thnx in advance.


Have you tested using this out of band flow and it works for you?


NO I haven’t tested it yet ,I m in a process of developing the app.
Does it make any difference??
One more thing what is this “PIN CODE” and Do I need it.
Let me know.



The out-of-band auth method requires the use of a PIN code. It’s a value that is displayed to the user on a twitter-based web page that they must then enter into your application so that you can complete the cycle of authentication. See [node:3398]