My cards are no longer validating


My last few posts have not been using the large summary card
I am using Yoast and I also add the tag into each post.


Not sure why the cards don’t render in the validator - but your site is automatically whitelisted and when you Tweet out the link, the card shows in the detail view as expected.

#3 this is a recent tweet, it does not have a summary card that shows for me. How can I fix that?


Clicking that link leads directly to a card which renders as a summary on the Tweet detail view:


It is supposed to be a large image card not a summary. What do I do?


My only guess here is that you changed the type of card in use on the site from summary to summary with large image? if that is the case, it may take about 7 days before the cards crawler visits the site again and updates to the newer format.