My card is validated without any problems but when I tweet the same links nothing is picked up


When I run my url through card validator everything is green and fine, here is screenshot:
But when I tweet the exact same link nothing is picked up from the card, here is another screenshot:

This is the url I am trying to tweet:

Any ideas? Thank you!


Just tried Tweeting this link on iOS and the card shows up fine. Where is that screenshot from, the website?


yes, it’s from website and it still does not work for me and for at least 3 other people I asked.
it is also does not work for me on iOS.

how is it showing up for you? when you just paste the url into tweet entry or after you tweet it?


The Card will be displayed after you Tweet the link. Here’s what it looks like in the Twitter web view (you have to click the View Summary link in the timeline to see it displayed like this).


hmm, yes it does work indeed. thanks!

I am pretty sure that sometime ago there were no “view summary” link or you don’t have to click it to see it, it was expanded automatically. is that right?


No, that’s not correct I’m afraid. On the web, there have always been view summary links.