My card is not working with my posts. Am I missing something?


Here is an example gram that seems to shows properly in the validator.
However it seems that the tweet cards are not showing up and it looks like the old way that it’s done.
My understanding was that the view on web link at the bottom of the card would take you to the link I provide in the tags. And the same thing would happen in the picture link as well.


Could you supply your meta tags on this post so I can investigate further? Chrome has an issue with your certificate (“The site’s security certificate is not trusted!”) which could also be an issue to investigate after I see the tags.

You don’t need the certificate to use this part of the site.
This is taken directly from the example URL:


Same problem validator keeps saying invalid




Are we talking about the same validator?
I put it there and it wouldn’t let me apply for the card if I had not validated properly.
And it seems valid, everything is green and the option items are not in use. Am I missing something?
Mine says it is valid so I don’t think you have the same issue. My issue has to do with the card not showing up even though it passes as valid.
You could try posting your own issue, your kind of highjacking mine, or copy and edit the valid code from the validator pages.


apologies, I thought this was a discussion. I will post my own thread.