My Blog Uses the wp to twitter Plugin - I have several Authors Writing on this Blog; When We Post New Articles, Twitter Suspends my Account. Help!


I need some help from someone that uses the WP to Twitter Plugin; and/or someone who has multiple authors writing for one blog.

We have a main twitter for the blog, and as new entries are posted, we want them pushed to our Twitter feed; the multiple authors seems to come across to twitter as if our main twitter has been hacked; they don’t seem to realize it’s coming from our Blog.

I cannot find anything in the settings to help me with this issue; and would like to stop having to Unsuspend my twitter each time twitter shuts me down after a new post; I also have a List of Writers that is embedded but, when my account gets suspended, that list gets wiped out; which defeats the purpose of allowing several people to contribute to our site, using their twitter. This “List” is tied to the main twitter account; so when it gets suspended, the List starts over; again, I need some help here asap.



Please, i don’t know how to twitter feed. Most especialy the second step.