My blog site link when RTed by my twitter friends doesn't direct them to my blog- Error msg : Twitter cannot find the link


Hi, I have been using twitter for many months now and all this while my blog link when posted in my twitter timeline has taken visitors to the reqd destination, even when it has been RTed by others. But for 2 days now , I am noticing that any page from my blog posted in my twitter timeline, when RTed by others shows up at a dead end- with Twitter showing the message that they cannot find the link to my blog. Today, I tweeted by directly using the twitter button from my blog site, but when it was RTed by my twitter friends, the twitter shortened link couldn’t find my blog site page.

Please let me know why upon RTing twitter doesn’t let anyone reach my blog and twitter cannot find my blog link. I have checked google analytics status for my site, and the site health is fine as per google analytics data.

Thanks for addressing this problem