My bird stopped tweeting!




I created a twitter app.

after setting up it wouldnt work as intended.

The error was that the permission was only READ-ONLY

I checked settings and they were set as READ-WRITE

So that wasnt the issue

I logged into my Twitter account and found i could not post any new tweets, but also cant do anything except unfollow people.

I hardly use my Twitter recently, so was shocked why.

In past had this issue, was caused by someone hacking into account, I changed password and it then worked.

This time round password changing does not fix the issue.

I looked over my tweets and could not find anything ‘malicious’ or spam, it was all my own music, app content.

Only thing I can think of was posting a direct link to (which facebook was flagging as ‘spammy domain’ - even though its a new registered domain). Could this be the cause?

If it is could I not verify I am the owner of the site and show that the domain has no bad rep online or with Google etc…


Please use for queries like this. This forum exists to help developers with API questions. We cannot offer any assistance with account-related issues here. Thanks.