My application under review since nov. 4


I applied for a twitter developer account since November 4th. We have already submitted all the information as requested, but our developer account stays at “Application under review” for 19 days. We cannot get to the further stage or create our app. I am wondering how can our application be approved?


Hi @marinafarid112 - we sent you a follow up email asking for more information about your use case on 04th of November. Please could you respond to this email (in as much detail as possible!) for your application to move forward. If you can’t see this email in your Inbox, check your Spam and Junk folders.


Hi @marinafarid112. I checked and it looks like your application just closed out due to inactivity. I’ve submitted an internal escalation to have it reopened. Please be on the lookout for a followup email from our team advising on next steps over the coming days.