My application lets people change avatar or bg from my website. Why did it suspended? Any suggestions?


My application lets people change avatar or bg from my website.
This is friendly funny page. People likes it. I do nothing malicious.
I’ve got no reasons for app ban from Twitter by mail /Spam folder checked/
I wrote to Support Team but no respose too…
May be you have any suggestions?
It is all pity.


We can’t help with suspensions here. Reach out to from the same email address associated with the account that owns the application and respond to any additional emails you get in return.


So i’ve got the reply from the twitter support, but i am still confused what does support mean. Because all the things my app do user can do manually via settings page.

Here goes the reply:

Your application key was suspended for violating our API Terms of Service: . Specifically by allowing users to upload animated gifs, your service allows users to bypass limits put in place by our API. This encourages users to violate the Twitter Rules ( It’s best for both our users and your users if your application follows the rules, so please make the necessary changes to bring your application into compliance. Once the application has been fixed to comply with our policies and we confirm these changes, we will reconsider your API suspension.

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