My application is almost to 100k users


This is my last resort, I have been trying to contact twitter for days. My application was recently featured on Google Play (Android Marketplace) and has gone from about 10k users to 80k users in two and a half days. I am estimating that I will reach the 100k threshold today. I have been trying to contact twitter because I don’t want any users blocked when I hit the 100k cap they mentioned in the latest blog post.


The idea of token caps discussed in the blog post will not take effect until API v1.1 is released.


how did you get the twitter logo beside you rname and how do i get my acct verified?
tweet back imediately.


My only comment here is non technical…my only comment here is, 100K FOLLOWERS?! Wow!


I still haven’t heard back from twitter about our account being suspended. We are very distraught over it and don’t know why it’s happened. We have had it in place for a long time. We emailed back but have not heard anything.