My App Restricted from performing write actions


At the beginning of the week I was fixing the app and I suspect that most likely overused by mistake the statuses calls, I and Twitter “Restricted from performing write actions” my app.
first, I get statuses feed, and if Twitter wont play games and send correct statuses there be no issue.
That is ridiculous!
I use app for private purposes, and I sent ticket to Twitter regarding this issue.
However, no one responding to me for a few days.
To start with, if I am using Twitter app, frankly that is obvious that I try to follow their rules and rates.
Does Twitter even paying attention to this tickets?
That is annoying!


Sorry you’ve hit an issue with your app, and I can understand that it must be annoying and frustrating for you.

I don’t know what your app does, but some of the more common reasons I’ve seen for write-restrictions can be cases where an app does not follow our automation rules, or performs a lot of unsolicited hashtags or @mentions. These can be picked up by our automated antispam algorithms as undesirable behaviour on the platform.

Yes, the platform support tickets are looked at, but sometimes there is a backlog or a larger queue than normal. We are not able to help with individual app issues on these public forums, so I’m afraid you’ll need to be patient and wait for the ticket to be dealt with.


I have reviewed the Twitter rules, and I know that I never violated them, except as I stated when tried to fix a bug in app, I by mistake called for too many statutes within two day period or something like that.
Well, if Twitter send me right statutes, that just wont happened, because I would see that & correct the issue.
I don’t use the app for followers collections as seem many others users do, obviously Twitter allows that for a fee.
Also as it seems, Twitter rules are so vague, that they on Twitter side can do whatever they want, without giving a user a fair deal.
And by the way, I try to play in good faith, that is why I use the app.
I am an excellent developer and if I really want to spam my account (as crazy as it sounds) I can just plainly bot it.
Once and again, what is really killing Twitter’s lifespace - are those third party affiliations which you see in plain view.
I was under impression that Twitter is about exchanging your own thoughts at given time and your own opinions.
That is how I have seen Twitter.
I am seriously pissed that this app is still has writing restrictions.
If Twitter cannot address those issues then Twitter should give me a chance to get white listed or should show the correct statutes.
Due respect!


I doubt that this is related to rate limits, as you would usually receive an error at that point, and the rate limits are described in the documentation and reflected in the code headers. I strongly suspect the automated algorithms that work to avoid problematic content are in play here. Again, since I don’t know your app and cannot access your case I cannot tell what the specific issue was.

Our rules are clearly documented, but we also need to adapt to circumstances when apps behave in an irregular manner. Many of the systems for detecting this are automatic, due to the volumes of traffic we deal with. I take issue with your statement that Twitter “allows [follower collections] for a fee” - I’ve been working on the platform for nearly three years and this is not the case - we have a strong stance on the auto-follow and follow-back apps and have consistently said that this is not allowed. If you would like to report an app you believe is violating our policies, you can easily do so via the platform support forms.

I’m sorry you’re waiting, but we need to look at tickets individually and in order, and sometimes we can’t always do that as fast as we would like. Hopefully we can work to resolve this with you very soon.


about third party apps, anyone can Google and there are many of them, they all do exactly what you say is not allowed so that is preposterous to pretend otherwise.
Twitter should deal with those parties accordingly, through, I have absolutely nothing to do with that.
After all, I am a customer here and Twitter makes money from my use of it,.
Again my app’s main purposes is to organize my own tweets and it got write restricted when I was working on it. It may be related to that otherwise there is not reason for it whatsoever.
Twitter platform is sloppy and not well written to start with, that excessive use of JavaScript use and cookies work not well on even band new mobile devices and desktop browsers.
Twitter blackouts do happened, but not often.
I am not here to criticize, so that is just a comment.
Saying that and given the infinitive scrolling which Twitter implements, that is very difficult to find even my own tweets which are even a day or two days old. That is when the app is coming handy - to look up my own tweets and organize them mostly.



I’ve already mentioned that we cannot answer questions about specific app suspensions here. We strive for a civil quality of dialogue here per the forum FAQ. Please be patient while the platform team looks into your ticket.