My app doesn’t get Twitter’s form with email and password fields


Suddenly, I stopped receiving the form by entering an email and password for authorization in the application via Twitter. I get error message: Timed out. Please help me what happened with Twitter’s passport?


WCan you explain what you mean by “Twitter’s passport”, pleasse?


Now I can not enter the site through the authorisation of Twitter. 1 month ago it worked.


aWould you please explain precisely how you integrate with Twitter, what used to work, and what is no longer operating in the same way? Thank you


Yes, sure.
I use simple integration with Twitter with this API
Below you can see code in my app:
passport.use(new TwitterStrategy({
callbackURL: “
function(token, tokenSecret, profile, cb) {
User.findOrCreate({ twitterId: }, function (err, user) {
return cb(err, user);

Currently login with Twitter no longer works. I click on twitter button and get just message: 504 Gateway Time-out.


We made some changes to callback URLs back in June. Have you whitelisted your callback URL from the Twitter apps dashboard or

Here are our docs on callback URLs.


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