My App card doesn't work



I’ve created the page with necessary meta tags here:
I have checked throw validator, that it’s approved.
However, when I try to tweet with this URL attached to the message either from web either from my app (iOS) - App card doesn’t appear.
What’s wrong with it ?
Any help will be appreciated.



Hello Alexandr,

I just tried sharing your URL and the App Card works great for me, it brings me to the App Store from my iPhone.

Could you please let us know if the problem persists? It might have been simply a caching issue just after your Card was enabled.



Hello Romain.

Could you, please, show me the tweet itself where this App card did work.
I tried this url several times, and it doesn’t work. I’m referring to and these statuses particularly:,

Maybe I’m inserting them not properly ?



While I don’t have my phone in front of me, this is what I see on web: