My app account was suspended for unknown reason


Few things i have noticed:

  • Twitter does not explicitly state why the account was suspended right in the email.
  • Terms of Services link embedded in the email doesn’t work
  • I started looking for answers and found information scattered all over the twitter.

My app was liking the posts based on specific hashtags. It waited between 60 to 180 seconds before liking the next post. Is this a violation?

Anyone knows?



I suggest you read Twitter’s automation rules.

D. Automated actions you take on Tweets or accounts
Automated likes: You may not like Tweets in an automated manner.

Hope that helps!


Thank you that helps :grinning:. Do you have any suggestions on how to get back my access?

Should I just write back to twitter support and ask them that I have made a mistake by not clearly reading twitter automation policy and assure not to do such things again?