My API block accounts for "suspicious attitude"


Hello to all the Twitter community .

Since few months I code a new application for this social network. I read rules and API rates so many times.

At the moment my app is fully developed and since few days I getting new users and I have a problem now.

Some of my users told me that their account has been blocked for security reasons. When I check the API response I get this:

string(157) “To protect our users from spam and other malicious activity, this account is temporarily locked. Please log in to to unlock your account.”

As I know they must reverify the account again with mobile phone for let know twittet that they aren’t a bot.

I want to know how can I avoid that. My app dont have any function for auto-follow or something. The only thing that this app do automatic is welcome message for new followers. I read around forums that this is allowed.

The app have those functions

Schedule tweets for any future date ( with texts , images or gif)
See the followers of famous accounts and to follow them from the application.
See the people who have unfollow me and to give unfollow from the application.
See the people who have follow me and give follow from the application.
Send welcome message to new followers automatically .

For all actions related with follow/unfollow the user must do double click for each user so for massive follow is more slowly than another app.

I contact Twitter support but they told me that my app dont have restrictions and cant help me more. Just link me the twitter rules for read again.

I hope someone can help me. I have intentions to made a big app with big amount of users but I need be sure that all its okay with my code and rules.

Sorry for my english, I’m not native and is hard for me explain all this on this language.

I will be happy to answer questions to anyone who needs more details to help


The automation rules strongly suggest that you don’t do this: “If your application creates or facilitates automated reply messages or mentions to many users, the recipients must request or otherwise indicate an intent to be contacted in advance”. As a personal preference, I don’t find this kind of Tweet useful, and I know a lot of other users do not find it very welcoming or personal, either. However, it does not sound like this has caused you any issue so far, as your app would end up write-restricted if this was a problem.

We’re really unable to step-by-step go through the specifics of an individual app here, and how it may or may not compare with others.

From the description and from what you said about your interaction with platform support, I’m not seeing any indication your app has hit a policy issue. If users themselves are having accounts placed into this state, it could be an indication that their accounts have not been completely verified with e.g. phone number or confirmed email; or that the system detected suspicious activity; or that their Tweets were being reported as spammy; etc etc - there are really a variety of reasons for that challenge to occur as a safety step. Either way, user and account support is via and we cannot help with these issues here.


Is really frustrating. I spend alot of time developing this tool and reading Twitter rules and Twitter block the users who use this platform.

Testers told me that when they start to use the platform for follow/unfollow they get blocked account and need to verify again the phone.

Al the accounts are veryfied with e-mail and phone so what’s the problem?

I guess that Twitter thinks that my tool follow/unfollow like a bot but the true is that users need to click every person what they want follow or unfollow.

What can I do?


If your app was restricted then the platform support team would have been able to explain what changes you needed to make to be compliant with our policies. I’ve already provided guidance on at least one area in which your app functionality may not follow the Twitter Rules or automation policy.

Otherwise, this is probably a security measure being implemented by the platform to protect individual accounts from potential impact, and this is not something managed by the developer platform. As I mentioned, we cannot help with user or account issues here.


Dear Kendesi(@Kendesi_),
have you find any solution for that, I created an application for my client where they can manually follow twitter followers of some user but there account gets blocked everytime they use application, its done manually and that to may be 2 follows per second but still gets blocked. please help me, I am stuck