My accunt is hacked / stolen or sold by a twitter staff!


My username “milliyet” which is a known newspaper in Turkey is stolen / hacked or sold by a twitter staff .

Someone changed my milliyet username to milliyet_ and registered/got the username “milliyet”.

Below results prove that milliyet username was mine. I mean it was “milliyet” before it is changed to “milliyet_”.

Check the below google results for “milliyet”. They go to “milliyet_” username. ( goes to pages.)
Google indexed my tweets. But now almost all of them are deleted. Still there are some examples:
As you see result is a “” result . But it goes to “,d.Yms,d.Yms

And my username is created much more before milliyet account. And also there must be some LOGS about that my username is changed by someone. Maybe that person’s ip number will help twitter/me to find who changed my username.

I wrote this issue to twitter support - noone replied. Just got automatic replies.

I hope there are some good honest twitter staff and they will help/reply me. Or do we need to get used to that anyone can buy any twitter account by money ?