My account


Dear Twitter,
my account @romaeren got suspended 1 hours ago. I already filed a ticket, but I got no response back. Please, fix my account. I know the twitter rules and I haven’t break any rules. I respect you and it would me amazing if you could un-suspend my account since I did nothing wrong.

Please, answer this.


Dear twitter,
my account @JoygeousJoy got suspended for no apparent reason. i filed a ticket but a short response that someone would be in touch to me shortly was given and then no response. i read and reviewed you rules and policies and i am sure i haven’t break or violated any of the rules. please do review my account and eliminate its suspension as soon as possible, i absolutely did nothing wrong.


i have been suspended for nearly 5 days,please reactivate my account.i have read your rules & guidelines& understand them fully now.i will not break them again.
i would really appreciate it if you could sort this asap please,i have heard nothing back from you so i dont know whats happening.


Dear twitter manager staff,
my account @kuwaitacademy got suspended few hours ago. Please, fix my account. I know the twitter rules and I did not violate any rules. I appreciate it if you could unsuspend my account since I did nothing wrong.


Dear @twitter
my account @romaa93 got suspended for nearly 4 days please re-open my account please i can’t live without twiiter … i filled a ticket & there’s no any response …please fix my account i read all rules and i would really appreciate it …thanks


This is the second time I have been suspended in a 2 month period, I made a comment about God on someone twitter comment and then was taunted for it. So I replied to this person, for pretty much telling me I didn’t have the right to have a opinion. I have the right to have religion, and twitter suspending me for it- is cause for a law suit. You can not stop someone for freedom of speech/ when there is constant nasty stuff going around on that sight which I just block, and never report because of their rights. But being a nice person with a God whom I love- I’m punished for it. I have made copy of all my tweet and this time I think I’m going to a lawyer for discrimination of my right to have God as my savior- shame on you twitter!!!.


my account @GhoneimAya has been suspended can you please unsuspend it? Thank You


My account @nikowlnavarro has been suspended. I don’t know why and I think I didn’t unfollow any rules about twitter. Please unsuspend it as soon as possible because it is indeed needed in my studies. Thank you so much. Hoping for your kind consideration.


My Account MariahRenee8 Has Been Suspended & i Did NOTHING Wrong, Can You Please Unsuspend It? PLEASE.


My account @Juiceepph has been suspended since an hour ago. Please unsuspend it. thank you.


Please unsuspend my twitter account As soon as possible


Dear TWITTER,my account has been suspended please unsuspend my twitter account @roshnimM. As i was new to twitter i didn`t know the rules and regulations.I am really very sorry for spamming,i promise not to repeat it ever again.kindly please unsuspended my twitter account.Thanku.


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