My account was suspended for no reason


Hello lovely twitter folk,

My account @deedeelincoln has been suspended for 10 days now, I have appealed many times because I never get an answer, my sister has even had to email you and tweet you for help with no answer there either, I have read the terms & agree to abide by the rules if someone can help me get back onto my account as I miss it very much :frowning:

Thankyou !



Update on my account, my sister emailed them
On my behalf and she was answered straight away (bare in mind I’ve been waiting 12 days) but she was told that I am in fact not suspended. But I obviously am. whenever she tries to reply they have automatically closed the ticket and they won’t let her reply. I am still trying to get a voice from twitter. But I’m loosing hope.


Still no email or response from twitter. Has anyone had any luck getting a hold of them quicker?