My account has been suspended without reason


yesterday(18) i tweeted an unknown tweet, it has a link on it and i’m really sure i never tweeted it. about the next 5hours i suddenly got logged out n i couldnt sign in so i click forgot password & changed it’s username from @bethere4justin to @pervymccann. thought it got hacked. then i made a new acc named bethere4justin. today @bethere4justin’s been suspended and i didnt even break any rules. i think someone targetting my bethere4justin username, i’ve sent ticket to twitter but no response. please fix it


I’ve sent emails, I’ve asked them to explain, I’ve begged them…They do send emails saying they respond but it has been about 3 days now with no response. I’m now realizing that I had just downloaded the twitter app on my Kindle Fire and that is “exactly” when I got suspended. I have read in places that in some cases they do it to “protect” you. After much anger, I’m slowly switching to give them the benefit of the doubt.