My account has been suspended; Sent the form, still got no response, but when I do, says case is closed. Why?


Hi! My account has been suspended a few hours ago. I have sent the request form, got the reply that says they got it and will get back to me soon, but then later I will receive an e-mail that says the case is closed. Why is that? Normally, since my other accounts have been suspended before, I have no problems - twitter support just e-mails me back and activates my account in a few minutes. But now, what happened?

Please help me with this issue? And please, @support, if you’re reading this, please unsuspend my account. If I may have done something wrong or violated your rules, I’m really, really sorry. I just need my account back. My friends, who are my followers, has been worried on what happened to me. Please unsuspend. I sent my forms, said my apologies. What else do I need to do?

Please respond to my request. I can’t lose this account; it’s precious to me. :frowning:

Thank you.