Mute is not being serious for search results


If I mute a person and I do a search that might include this person’s tweets, I can get this person’s tweets in the result!
This sounds like a bug to me, otherwise, if I want to filter out the muted list, I have to do it manually after each search.

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This is by design. Mute is what we’d call a soft filter, not a hard action.

Muted accounts are not filtered out of user searches, in order to allow the muter to locate the account to unmute them. When the Mute feature was launched, we didn’t have the web management panel for listing muted users (and it is not available on mobile), so you may want to be able to find and unmute someone via a search.

I hope that helps to explain the rationale.

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Thank you very much for the explaination.
So, what do you think is the best way to mute someone from a search, I am building an app that depends on the search to display tweets and I need a way to mute annoying tweets? Should I use block API?


The block API will obviously block an individual user. If you just want to remove “annoying” tweets from your display, you will have to decide what counts as “annoying” and then remove from the results before displaying them. I’m afraid I’m not sure what else to suggest as it depends on what you need in your app.


My app doesn’t display followers tweets, instead, you define a subject and the search API will display those tweets. This way you don’t really need to follow anyone to see tweets, you just follow a subject(s). Annoying tweets comes from muted users, and I thought muting a user will mute any of his tweet regardless the API used.
Is there any chance to reconsider mute to affect the search result? We can unmute by going to the mute list and manage it!


There are no plans to modify the way in which mute works with regard to search.


So is there any best practice to mute certain users from appearing in the search result?
Thanks for your time.


I guess what I am saying is, no, you’d have to iterate over the search result and take out results from users that you decided your app didn’t want to see.


Thank you Andy.

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